Episode 4 - How to Get What You Want Using Email

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Episode 4 - How to Get What You Want Using Email

In today’s episode we’ll be exploring the topic of: How to Get What You Want…. Using Email.

Things you might want:

  • Grow your business and make more money - if you’re an - entrepreneur
  • Get a job - if you’re an - employee
  • Get a gig - if you’re a - freelancer
  • Get more clients or customers if you’re running a side hustle
  • Get a mentor or coach
  • Get an opportunity to speak or present
  • Get an opportunity to write a guest post, be interviewed, or be a guest on a podcast

How can you go about getting these things on your own, remotely, and without a referral or introduction?

I would argue that cold emailing, done right, is the most efficient AND effective method.

This technique enables you to build relationships from the comfort of your own home without time wasted commuting.

However, cold emailing on its own is not enough. You need to combine it with other tactics to make it pay off.

I’m about to share a technique I have developed over years of trial and error. It’s something I use on a daily basis in my business development efforts for both my company Design Butler and this podcast.

I probably shouldn’t be sharing it, but my philosophy is that business is not a zero-sum game, and that there’s plenty of room for everyone to grow and flourish, and this means that sharing knowledge should be part of an abundance mentality rather than a ‘crush your competitors’ mentality.

To get what you want in life and in business you need to do outreach.

Over the past few years I have developed a method that has worked well, and here it is.

I call it the Comprehensive Connection Method.

This is quite detailed and nitty gritty at the process level, so buckle up and hold on tight!

The “Comprehensive Connection” Method - A 4 Step Process For Getting What You Want Using Email

Step 1: Find Someone On Twitter.

Step 2: Follow and like.

Step 3: Send an Outreach email.

Step 4: Measure performance & improve.

Step 1: Find Someone On Twitter

Search for a hashtag on Twitter - for example: #entrepreneur.

Click the Twitter profiles of people you want to reach (if they meet your criteria for outreach).

Go to their website, check if they have an email address or contact form available.

if no - find their Facebook page.

If neither - move on to next person.

Step 2: Follow, Like & View

View their LinkedIn profile.

Follow them on Twitter & like a tweet.

Follow them on Instagram & like a post.

Step 3: Send an Outreach Email

Send an outreach email to their email address or via the contact form.

If no email - send the cold em ail template via Messenger through their FB page.

Here is the exact cold email script to use.

Subject: Mark, Should We Talk?

Hi Mark,

I found you on Twitter and wanted to reach out and connect.

You are doing some interesting work with ______!

I / my company offers ______.

I wonder if you could see yourself using such a service.

Would be great to schedule a 5 minute call next week to discuss.

How about next Tuesday at 4:00pm.



P.S. Who do you know that could benefit from having ______? Any names and email addresses you could provide are appreciated.


A 2 part email signature - include your email signature in contact form submissions as well

Part 1: regular Email signature with my name and contact info

Part 2: a plug for my podcast

Let's look at what have we done - the tactics.

  • Sent email or a FB message
  • Followed them on Twitter
  • Liked a tweet
  • Followed them on Instagram
  • Liked an Instagram post
  • Viewed their LinkedIn profile

What is the outcome/result of these tactics?

  • Email inbox - they get a message with a subject line that grabs attention and elicits an open.
  • Messenger - a message to reply to.
  • Email message - a message to reply to.
  • Instagram notification - a new follower.
  • Instagram notification - a new like.
  • Twitter notification - a new follower.
  • Twitter notification - a new like.
  • LinkedIn notification - a profile view.
  • Instagram follow-back.
  • Twitter follow-back.
  • LInkedIn connection request.

That’s a total of 7 interaction points where they will see you (and up to 10 if they follow you back and visit your website or socials to see who you are).

Best of all - this entire process can be delegated to 1 or more virtual assistants if you’re self employed. You’ll have to trust them with your email and social media accounts though.

Imagine if other people did your 10 “Comprehensive Connects”, and all you had to do was show up for the scheduled phone calls. That would free you up for super high value activities.

Step 4: Measure Performance & Improve

It has been said that what gets measured gets improved. Here are my personal targets for the "Comprehensive Connection" method:

  • 10 comprehensive connections per business day = 50 / week, 200 / mo, 2,040 / year.
  • 3 calls scheduled / day

There you go - a 4 step process for getting what you want using email!

Let’s review the process steps one more time so you can use this proven method yourself:

  • Step 1: Find someone on Twitter
  • Step 2: Follow and like
  • Step 3: Send an Outreach email
  • Step 4: Measure performance & improve

The method I’ve shared with you today - “Comprehensive Connection” can help you achieve all of this - and more - by helping you build relationships by connecting with people.

Because after all… other people are the key to getting what you want in life.

And this method can help you get there.

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Episode Show Notes & Resources

See above for the exact cold email outreach script I use.

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